Orthodontic Dentistry - Now Adult Braces Are Available!

One of the genuine rewards of the new orthodontics dentistry is the adult patient who is willing to wear braces, do the "home" work, and who is excited by the prospect of having straighter teeth and a more perfect bite. As they say in baseball, it's a whole new ball game.

Thanks to the new orthodontic dentistry materials available today, we can offer visible or invisible braces -- adult braces made with space-age metals, braces glued to the back of the teeth. But that's just the "office" part.

Some orthodontic dentists would even argue that the most critical aspect of orthodontic dentistry treatment is how patients do their "home" work. Braces need constant cleaning. There's a rigid retainer schedule to follow. Certain foods must be avoided. It's a challenge. But once committed, adult patients understand what needs to be done and are willing to do it to get what they want from adult braces. They've made the investment in time and money. So they're willing to make the sacrifices (no caramels!) to get the results.

If Mother Nature let you down and your mom couldn't afford orthodontia, call us. It's never too late to get the perfect smile with adult braces and orthodontic dentistry!

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Jim Du Molin

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