Clear Braces: The Beauty of Choice in Orthodontics

If you want to avoid looking unattractive while you straighten your teeth, you may find clear braces an attractive option.

You can get the orthodontic work you need without having to compromise aesthetics along the way.

When people say "clear braces," they usually mean what orthodontists and braces dentists call ceramic braces.

Instead of the big ugly metal brackets used in traditional braces, these braces have tooth-colored ceramic brackets that are far less noticeable.

Clear elastics and white-colored metal means everything is less visible to others.

But sometimes when people talk about "clear braces," they mean Invisalign braces or another system of clear plastic aligners.

Though they straighten teeth, they are no braces per se. The trays fit over the teeth like an ultra-thin mouth guard, slowly moving teeth into place.

They're not just invisible; they're also removable. But, as with so many other things, beauty can have its price.

Ceramic braces cost slightly more than their metal counterparts. Moreover, the ceramic brackets are somewhat more prone to breakage. And plastic aligners simply can't move teeth as dramatically as can actual braces.

Make sure you've learned the pros and cons before making a final decision.

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